MÏLK 016/ Debut LP from SHOPPING - a thrilling 13-track trolley dash down the aisles of snake-hipped, groove riding, tough talking, life-loving post-punk funk.

LP (Limited 500 on ORANGE vinyl *SOLD OUT*, and regular old black vinyl)
Digital - BUY via iTunes here
and Amazon here

A1. 'Any Answers’
A2. 'In Other Words'
A3. 'We Say You Pay'
A4. 'Get Going'
A5. 'Moyet's Voice'
A6. 'Hard As Nails'
B1. 'Long Way Home'
B2. 'Right Now'
B3. 'For Your Money'
B4. 'Hanover Cure'
B5. 'Santa Monica Place'
B6. 'You Are A Sort'
B7. 'Theme'